If you’ve followed anything I do online you’ll know I’m somewhat inconsistent in my publishing schedules, so I carry no illusions that this place will be updated on any kind of dependable basis, but I do promise I will try to keep it updated regularly.

2017 was a bit of a year of stagnation for me, it didn’t carry a feeling of moving forward, just of doing the same thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and I have no intention of stopping, but I know there is a creative itch I need to scratch.

I have a head filled with possibilities and last year I didn’t manage to make any of them come to pass, probably because I couldn’t narrow it down to one thing I could focus on enough to gain a bit of traction and get it over the starting line.

Laughter for Life in November proved that I can still make things happen. The entire gig came together over the course of just a few short months and was a roaring success, so I just need to be able to find that intensity of focus and delivery that I adopted there and apply it to the other things buzzing around my head.

So in 2018 I’m going to be trying to focus more directly on the things that I know I can do, and pushing myself to make them happen. I’m letting go of the more whimsical, overly-ambitious stuff (maybe more on that in another post) and embracing the still-ambitious but achievable side of the things I want to see in my life.

I’m also going to be paying more attention to my mental health and making time for myself: time to recharge, to properly rest when I need it, and to not let myself slip into the black cloud that descended at times in 2017.

I believe 2018 can be a great year, but I also know that great things don’t happen on their own, so I’m gearing myself up for the hard work and hustle that’s going to be needed to make this all come about.