Oli Lewington

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I’m a digital storyteller, a wandering writer, a motivated speaker and a double-lung transplant recipient.

Life is about:

possibilities, not restrictions.

abilities, not disabilities.

trying, failing and achieving, not stagnating.

Life is about living a story worth telling.


My Books

Smile Through It

Smile Through It: A Year On The Transplant List (Amazon UK & US)

A real-life story of life before transplant for one terrified Cystic Fibrosis sufferer that will remind you exactly why you signed the donor register.

After 23 years of battling Cystic Fibrosis I found myself facing two fates: A new lease of life through a double-lung transplant; or death.

At 23 my life expectancy was 12 months. My only hope of a future was a double-lung transplant. But getting my name on the recipient list for organ donation was only the beginning of the battle: 1000 people die every year while waiting for an organ, and I knew it.

I realised that waiting for new lungs would be a mental battle as well as a physical one and Smile Through It was born. A raw account – as only a diary can capture – of everything you need to know about waiting for a donor organ. From heartbreaking false alarms, to chance encounters and anecdotes that made me smile through one more day.





 The Art of the Second ChangeThe Art of the Second Chance: a simple manifesto on changing your world (free)

Taken from personal experience from finding a way back into life after my transplant forced me out of it, The Art of the Second Chance is a guide to finding what you love and making things happen.

Read the PDF here. (Right click to download)


I tell stories for a living. At the moment I lead engagement for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, helping to demonstrate impact to the people we exist to serve by telling great stories in a compelling fashion.

Stories are at the heart of everything I do, so I also tell them wherever I can: I speak at events as frequently as I can to evangelise the power of storytelling.

A handful of the people I’ve worked for, with or alongside:



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